CAFÉ CODY is broadcast in high quality HiFi Stereo via the newest technology WMA Pro stream. For the best listening experience download the latest version of Windows Media Player (free) for PC or Mac. With one click you can sit back and listen.

If you are having difficulty with the Windows Media Player, click to launch an alternate media player such as iTunes or VLC.

Listen to CAFÉ CODY in your home or office through your big sound system. If you have WiFi you can connect your laptop or other portable WiFi divice, such as a BlackBerry or iPhone, to your main sound system through a simple cable with a red & white plug on one end and a headphone plug on other end. For some portable WiFi devices you may need to enter the URL stream

Listen to CAFÉ CODY on iTunes. In iTunes, click on "Radio" on the left-hand side. Click on the "Advanced" drop-down menu at the top and select "Open Stream" and in the new dialogue box that opens enter the URL and begin listening (you would follow a similar process to listen in other media players).



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