Nick Arnold

Nick Rodes Arnold was born in Plainfiled, New Jersey, USA in July 1922.

His literary studies at Harvard University were interrupted by the Second World War in which he fought as a radio liaison agent. That’s how he first came to Europe.

He returned to the US at the end of the war but only to gain his degree and divorce his first wife, Giovanna. He then went back to France and married his next three wives, Lucie, Lily and Claire, from who four children were born. He arrived in Deia in the late fifties and lived there from the mid sixties to the mid seventies.

After his last wife Claire died at a young age, Nick worked away as an English teacher in Paris to bring up his youngest daughter. When he retired at the age of seventy, he began a new life in Goa, India, where his two eldest daughters still live. He spent the last thirteen years of his life travelling around the Far East on his small teacher’s pension.

He liked to unwind writing poetry and sipping a bottle of wine. When he died in Goa on March 31st 2005, his only possession was one suitcase containing all of his writings. He has never been published.