Mason Hoffenberg

Mason Hoffenberg: Born in December 1922 in NYC to a well-to-do Jewish family, He attended progressive Olivet College, was drafted in 1944, and was sent to England in the Air Force.

He was in France and Belgium, and in Germany as part of the occupation army. He had good self-deprecatory stories about WWII, such as setting fire to the base with a cigarette butt, being arrested as a German spy, and rolling in collective vomit at sea.

Conquered by Europe, Mason returned to France on the GI bill and registered at The Sorbonne. A French marriage in 1953 and children settled him in Paris. He belonged to what would be known as the Beat movement. With a pool of authors including Terry Southern, he wrote for the Olympia Press and worked at the Agence France Presse. He spent long periods of time in Mallorca, Spain. Upon his mother’s death in 1978, he returned permanently to his native Manhattan.

He died of cancer in June, 1986, with his family near him.