Chris Perret

Born June 26th 1930 in France.  Son of a French artist, Rene Perret and American wife Frances, nee Roach.
He went to school in France and then the United States.  Graduated in 1947.
Served as a merchant seaman in the Caribbean then joined the U.S. army in Germany.
Attended the Institute des Sciences Politiques of  the Sorbonne in the early 50’s.
A frame maker and finisher by profession, he focused on poetry from an early age.
His writings and illustrations appeared in magazines in Poesie Vivante (Geneva), Botteghe Oscure (Italy), Elwood Review, (Connecticut).  He had a one man show in 1961.  He bought out two volumes of poems.  “Blood and other Poems” (London, Outposts Publication, 1963) and “Memoirs of a Parasite” (Hors Commerce Press, California, 1965).

At the time of his death he was working on his first full-length novel, Homus and on translations of the Modern French Surrealist poets for a New Directions Anthology.

He died from a heart attack on 6th December 1965 in Deya, Mallorca.  He was married twice and had two sons, Jason and Jonathan.