Yannick Vu

Born France, Yannick met Domenico Gnoli when she was twenty and with him she painted and planted gardens  during the summer months in Mallorca. Yannick asks “is one  born a gardener as one is born a painter or a musician?  Her plants were sown in May, flowered in July and had withered by the end of September when they left the island. In 1968 they left the coastal hamlet  of Lluch Alcari and settled in S’Estaca. Since Domenico’s death in 1970 Yannick has devoted herself to his work, and her dream of a rose garden, magical animals cast in stone, modern art, her collection of paintings of royal children and the magestic Sa Bassa Blanca estate in Alcudia, Mallorca she now directs with her husband and fellow artist Ben Jakober.