Tom Lipps

Tom Lipps was reborn in Deya in 1964 at the age of twenty six.  He had come to Europe to paint for a year; stayed for twelve.  Deya was his base for the first six of those years and a place  to which he has often since returned.

In 1970 he became disenchanted with painting, moved to rural France and found his true calling, stonework.  He returned to the United States in 1976, worked as a stonemason, designed and installed several large scale public art projects exploring the artistic potential of the craft.  In 2000 he established the Stone Foundation, an international community of stone artisans and artists, contractors, quarriers, suppliers and aficionados.  (The Stone Foundation held its annual gathering, Stonework Symposium 2007 last summer in Son Marroig.)

Currently Tom serves as the director of the Stone Foundation and is the editor/publisher of a highly regarded magazine, STONEXUS which is devoted to stone, stonework and stone art.  Though "married" to stone, he has long been carrying on a love affair with clay.