June Campbell

1931 - 1999
Born to Russian and Scottish parents, June Campbell-Cramer was raised in Plymouth and received a strict education. In the late fifties, she studied at art college, and from the early sixties spent most of her time living in Spain, painting and working as a fashion model. It was while living near Palma in Mallorca that her path crossed with the Canterbury school : Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth and Kevin Ayers were occasionally residing on the island. From 1967, known as “Lady June”her involvement in painting, music and poetry intensified, and her artworks received numerous exhibitions. In 1970, June made a conscious decision that it was time for her to combine the music, visuals and words. This multi-media approach was subsequently developed in her performances, literature and recordings. The finalised version of her record was released by Virgin on the budget-priced Caroline label in early 1975 with the title Lady June's Linguistic Leprosy. It featured Brian Eno, Kevin Ayers (who wrote much of the music) and Pip Pyle. It is an adventurous and intriguing kaleidoscope of music and words. In 1981, she was given an award at an amateur film festival. Sadly, her life ended the night before her exhibition opened at Hotel La Residencia. As June would have liked, “The show carried on…” and her ashes were sent up over the Deia Cala.