Juan Salas Santonja

Juan met my mother (Margarita ter Braake, Dutch) early in 1958 in El Terreno (where he had his studio) due to a motorcycle accident
Motorcycle-accident. He asked her to teach him German. Shortly after, he moved to Deya and later that year my mother and her 3 children (Augusta, Ada and Jan_Cees) moved to Deya too. Juan first lived in Es Puig and then joined us in Son Beltran. Then Juan bought the house in Es Reco(1959) and my mother bought the house next to it (1960).  Although the local priest Don Pedro tried his best, the Vatican did not allow them to get married: my mother, a divorcee and protestant and Juan a catholic. However, in Holland (1966) the Dutch Catholic church (That was about to separate from the Vatican at that time) allowed them to get married. My mother introduced Juan to the gallery owners in Holland and soon they would come to our house to beg him to come and have exhibitions at their galleries: his work was an insurance to their income: Juan would sell most of his work the very first days of his shows. During his yearly stay’s in Deya, apart from painting in his studio, he would make pictures and films and of course he did his little "creations" about his beloved Deya and its inhabitants.