Herman Makkink

Was born in Winschoten, Holland in 1937.
He wandered through Egypt, Sudan, India etc and wrote articles entitled “Around the world on foot” for various magazines.
Started working in iron in 1963. Lived in Corfu, Greece writing and sculpting and in 1967 started to exhibit his work in England where he was living.
In the late 60’s he combined a penis with a beautifully shaped female rear in fibre glass which caught the attention of Stanley Kubrick the director who put it in his famous film A Clockwork Orange because it had the futuristic look that he was searching for.
Living in Amsterdam in 1971 with his girlfriend, the writer Julia Blackburn they had rented a house in Campanet, in the blind, from a friend.  Wanting to spend the winter there, Julia said: "I know a nice village where I stayed with my Mother when I was young!"

So Julia brought him to Deya, where they ran into Axel who rented them a house in the Clot in front of the fountain.  They stayed a year.