Esteban Frances

Spanish born artist Esteban could not remain in Spain as an enemy of Franco who he opposed during the Civil War. He went to New York where his paintings were admired by Balanchine and he was commissioned to do the sets and costumes for various of his ballets.

Esteban came to Deya every summer, first with his friend Anne and her children and on his own for many years. One could find him having lunch or dinner at C’an Pep Mosso where they held his table nightly. His guitar music and Mexican folksongs were the highlight of nightly gatherings at Las Palmeras, and estranjeros houses. He often sang down the well at Ses Figueras when the Waldrens (Jackie and Bill) would have dinners. Accompanied by Maggie Smith and Isla Cameron his Catalan charm was always a welcome part of these get togethers.