Annie Truxell

Annie was born in Creston, Iowa in 1929.  She grew up in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.  She attended Antioch College and Columbia University.
She arrived in Deia in 1965 invited by her friend Alston Anderson.   She stayed on eventually buying a house above the Cala of Deia.
Her long standing companion Jakov Lind followed her to Deia  and ended up living just up the road from her in the tower.   The two of them remained friends for the rest of their lives until his death in 2007.
Annie has been collected and shown in galleries in Europe and America ever since she began painting.  Her work is “the evocative and bizarre mating of moons, stars, animals, unknown creatures, landscapes and sky-scapes, her work elicits a mysterious stillness as though she were hearing what she was also sensing and seeing.”
She has lived in Rome, Paris and London.

She now lives in New York.