Pa Amb Oli Band

Founded by Juan Graves and David Templeton in 1978, Pa Amb Oli Band was joined by Jordi Ramone in 1979 and Tomás Graves in early 1980. Essentially a live band they have been playing for 30 years without leaving the island nor entering a recording studio. Regular guests are Frances Baxter (vocals) and Carmen Garcìa-Gutierrez (tambourine). Among others who have joined the band onstage include drummers
Joan Bibiloni, Ramón Farrán, Pere Colom, Phil Sheperd and Ollie Halsall; on keyboards Ben Sidran, Miles and Orlando Napier, Andrew Lloyd Webber; guitarrists Mike Sheffrin, Dai Griffiths, Guillermo Perez de Diego, Brendan McCann, Mike Oldfield, Jiva,