Patrick Meadows and Stephanie Shepard

In 1976 two amateur musicians met in DeiĆ , Stephanie Shepard and Patrick Meadows. Neither had seriously touched an instrument for fifteen years, but they began again, playing recorder duets, trios and quartets with other amateurs. With Llullist Anthony Bonner they became familiar with the extensive repertoire for flute, recorder, and basso continuo. In 1978 they brought a harpsichord from England, along with numerous second-hand scores: Baroque trio sonatas, piano trios and quartets, sonatas for flute and piano, plus a method book for studying the cello, an instrument which, like the flute, he had studied briefly at Florida State University where students were required to study an instrument from each of the sections of the orchestra, plus piano basics and vocal performance - madrigals, choir, accompaniment.
That same summer, they moved to the house in the valley below DeiĆ  and they installed the harpsichord, reading through the Handel sonatas, many works by Telemann, Quantz, Bach, Loeillet, and trio sonatas with visitors.
Narcis Bonet, then musical director of l'Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris and who spent summers in nearby Lluch-Alcari,