Hamish Mcdonald

I came to Deia in 1978 working for Daevid
Allen and Gong and subsequently founded the Sexbeatles, (originally the Offbeats) with Jordi Rullan, son of Sebastian ( who has just died, God bless him) of Bar Las Palmeras. We broke down the defences of Soller, Palma and beyond, never abandoning our philosophy of 'Porque No'. We wrote all our own material and released 'Well you never...' as a single in 1979.
We played at the 1979 Glastonbury Festival and toured the UK in 1980. Our legacy was a rallying call against military government, a
song called' Al Suelo, Cono' written by Hamish and Ollie Halsall, a

cry that so hit home at the time, that we were prevented from releasing it.