Gilli Smyth

Gilli Smyth ( allegedly born June 1st, 1933) a musician who performed with the bands Gong, Mother Gong and Planet Gong as well as several solo albums and albums in collaborations other members of Gong. In Gong, she often performed under the name Shakti Yoni contributing poems and space whispers.

Smyth has three degrees from King's College London, where she gained notoriety as the outspoken sub-editor of "Kings News", a college magazine. After a brief spell teaching at the Sorbonne (Paris) (where she became bilingual), she began doing performance poetry with well-known English jazz-rock group Soft Machine, founded by her partner and long-time collaborator, Daevid Allen, in 1968.

She co-founded Gong with Allen. Smyth was the only female voice in a line up of musicians later including Steve Hillage, Pierre Moerlen and Didier Malherbe and portrayed a prostitute, mother, witch and old woman This became part of the cult mythology, which was written into 16 albums that were produced. Gong developed into a family of bands, including Gongmaison and Mother Gong.