As the fortunate inheritors of this tradition we hope you will enjoy these sojourns into the past that has formed the Deia we find today.

As is typical with all beautiful places (St.Tropez, Cannes, San Juan des Pins), when an artist moves there because it is cheap and easy to live, others follow  the vibe and the original way of life changes. There is no lack of young people in Deia who have grown-up with this musical and artistic tradition, a tradition that has dimmed with the social and economic changes that have put Deia on the route of the rich and famous. We are hoping that this show will help to remind people of the good old days...the Deia “Heydays”--and encourage those who come in the future and others who  live here to support  the environment, creativity and artists of Deia.

It really is amazing how many talented artists used to live here and to realize that  this tiny village inspired such an immense amount of creativity. Once the first publicity for Heydays was sent out with requests for additional names and profiles, we were astounded at the amount of people that offered input: photos, films, artists profiles, suggestions, etc. There is no doubt we may have neglected some people and made mistakes in details, quotes, etc. Since Robert Graves settled here, dozens of now famous authors, actors, musicians, painters visited Deia.

However, our main criteria was people who lived and worked in Deia during the period. We wish to apologize for any oversites and other errata. We worked with what came to us as best we could.

Some issues were terribly difficult: language (Castillian 1960-1975. Catalan since then or English-lengua franca among artists), length of profiles, artistic histories verses antecdotal history, order of presentation (always safe if alphabetical). We decided to use three languages, sometimes mixed together in the same sentences or titles that reflected the varied usage of locals and foreigners during that period. We think it is referred to as “Anglocastillorquin”. “En tot cas”, life in Deya-Deia has always been an incredible mixture of beauty, art, music, poetry, language, romance, cultures and magic. We hope you will enjoy this wild mixture of people, events, sites, sounds and creative energy that permeated Deya-Deia HEYDAYS.
We wish to thank:  
Christian de Larringa Sunna
Asher, Marcus Tolito y Sa Fonda
Caroline & Frank Bob & Sandra
Kurt Kruger Annie Arnold
Fran and Bob Oleguer
Robin & Cody Pitxi
Ondine Fliss

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