Deia’s Golden Age of art, poetry, prose and music lasted from 1960 to 1980. This short but rich epoch was made possible by the lucky confluence of a disparate and international group of writers, musicians and artists on this beautiful and savage coast; the environment that so inspired their creativity. With Robert Graves in the vanguard, writers and artists have congregated in the village of Deia for over sixty years. They were drawn by the mysterious and breathtaking beauty of the locale, the society of the like-minded, the inexpensive food and drink, the spectacular houses and the hospitality of the local people.
They came, they saw and they stayed, snug and at ease in this perfect bohemian environment. A cognac was 5 pesetas and a three-course meal 40 pesetas. “Desentendido del pasado, el futuro era un presente interminable. Mar, fiestas, música, cenas, mar, más fiestas, y jardines bajo la atenta mirada de la luna llena y los guardianes de piedra” (J.Tajes). As long as you didn’t flirt with the local girls or get drunk and fall into the torrente then life was bliss! If you steered clear of the Guardia Civil, they steered clear of you. Most of the original Deia group are gone now. Others, drawn and held by the myth and magic of the place, continue the tradition. As long as Deia lives, they live here, behind our conversations, amid the light and heat of summer.

When we, (Oona Lind, daughter of writer Jakov Lind and Jackie Waldren, wife of Bill Waldren, artist and archaeologist), thought about commemorating this artistic era we discovered there were so many creative people working in Deia during this epoch that we had taken on a huge challenge. We would have to organise poetry and prose exhibitions and readings, music concerts and painting exhibitions, plus photographs and documentaries, probably the largest multimedia show ever made about this town.

We looked for the perfect title that would encompass the mood of the time and we came up with some concepts that we thought would be appropriate.

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